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simyo changes to Blau

Soon, all simyo customers will change over to Blau. Your mobile phone number, your contract details and tarif options will remain the same. At the point of changeover, you will easily have to use Blau products for your top-up.

Why will all simyo customers get changed over?
Telefónica Deutschland unifies its offer and will hereafter focus on Blau as brand. Step by step, all customers will have to change to Blau.

What means the changeover to you?
Your SIM card, mobile phone number and all services will remain the same. You will get
the equivalent deliverables for the price you paid before using the same network like before. All you need is to use Blau top-up products at changeover.

To whom can you address your questions?
All answers are available online. Visit https://www.simyo.de/umstellung to find all informations about Blau.


New: eGift cards from prelado

prelado is growing permanently and will soon expand its offer about eGift cards. eGift cards are digital gift cards which can be bought online. For personal needs or as a gift, the eGift cards can be cashed in online or the conventional way by retail. The future offer will involve many big brands out of all segments such as Zalando, Amazon, Saturn, Media Markt, OBI, Douglas, Starbucks, Thalia and many more. You will be able to find eGift cards for any occasion.

The best thing about it: purchasing at prelado is easy, fast and secure as is usual. The eGift card will be at your disposual right after purchase. Going to stores is not necessary: No queues at cash points, no frantic search at stores. prelado will offer you a wide range of eGift cards and the next one is just one click apart!

Prepaid top-up solution

Thanks to the proprietary prepaid service platform called Isoptera, the company not only operates as a technology company, but also as a provider of prepaid top-up solutions. With its White Label BASIC and White Label PRO business solution, the company offers a complete technical and commercial solution to interested partners.


Customer Service

You can contact our customer service via our contact-form.